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Product Information

Electronic Ignition Commander

Providing information and control solutions for experimental aircraft powered by Lycoming and Continental aircraft engines.

Expected Features:

Continuous verification of timing mark synchronization* and a Preflight screen that reports the timing synchronization and condition of the ignition harnesses and spark plugs

(Ignition harness monitoring feature requires 114 series E/P-mags.)

Monitor E/P-mag operation


Three user definable timing map shifts in addition to the default A & B curves.

Useful for running at high altitudes, auto fuel, or when it is desirable to use a

different than standard timing curve

  • Dimmable screen for night flight
  • Sunlight readable Organic LED display with no viewing angle restrictions
  • Configurable tachometer with Hobbs meter function
  • Pilot adjustable RED line with multiple YELLOW RPM Ranges
  • Configurable LED warning light when running in YELLOW restricted ranges. Great for formation pilots.
  • Standard tachometer display with optional Manifold Pressure


Tachometer includes optional customer configurable restricted RPM alarms. When installed with the optional manifold pressure sensor RPM / MAP alarms (low RPM with high MAP) may be configured

  • Hobbs meter with an event and multiple trip timers


Remote update capability. allows you to update your EICommander from any computer

Optional features and functions **

  • Manifold Pressure (MAP)
  • Outside Air Temperature (OAT)
  • Carburetor Temperature probe

Choice of two different displays

2 ¼” standard instrument display

Rectangular EFIS style display


Product Notes:
- The EI Commander will not allow in flight changes to the Top Dead Center (TDC) timing mark.
- All E-MAG Ignitions’ timing and ignition restrictions are enforced
- Requires a 12 volt power lead, ground, and four wires from each E or P model Ignition